Casinos with Secrets of Horus Slot

If you love NetEntertainment slots, and Secrets of Horus in particular, then you will enjoy our pick of the top casinos that offer the game to play. Below you will find all the top gaming destinations that have it on offer, and in each case, you will also find a fantastic welcome bonus!




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More than Playing, Winning on the Online Slot Machines is What Excites the Gamers Today! What About You?

Hunting for an alternative to bingo games? Wish to spend time in playing the most popular games?

If you are looking to diversify your gambling options, then why not try out slot games.

Yes, slot games are the best alternative to bingo games and the most enthralling features are their exclusive games and themes.

These games have loads of varieties and offer a huge list of options to the gamers. Many people who used to play bingo games in the past are now looking for a more exciting and latest version of it.

This is simply because the taste and needs of the people are changing and they need something appealing and attractive.

The slot games meet these demands by being the finest source of entertainment. By browsing through the net, you can get a hold of many bingo websites that offer slots as their side games.

This means, gamers can enjoy the double benefit of bingo and slot games on one site only.

The Super Gaming Machines

Slot machines can rightly be termed as ‘super gaming beasts’.

These online slot machines offer innumerable slots that are similar to the ones available at physical locations.

For instance, the Secrets of Horus is an Egyptian themed slot that is most preferred among many players.

It is tailored by Net Entertainment and takes you back to the time of the pharaohs. The graphics, sounds and theme of the slot are worth applauding.

The slot machines possess images that are based on different themes.

Every slot machine including three reel, five reel and multi-line slot has a wide array of games to offer to its players.

You are sure to get addicted to these games once you have started playing them. There is a pre-defined pattern that needs to be achieved by spinning the reels of the machine.

The number of pay lines depends upon the type of slot machine and you can opt for a particular pay line, while choosing the bet per line and coin value.

To activate this, you can simply hit the Spin button, which will set the images in the columns. When it stops, it is the time for you test your luck and see if you are lucky enough to get the pattern you waged your bet.

Playing on More Pay Lines

To check out the winning combinations, you can go through the pay table that exists on every machine.

If you will create any of the mentioned winning combinations, you will receive the amount of winnings mentioned on the pay table.

To have more fun, you can bet on a few lines, but to win the maximum amount, you will have to bet on more pay lines.

To spend your leisure time, slot games are the finest option available. You need to look for the online gaming website that is free and completely authentic.

Some sites also offer mobile version of their games that you can play.

Thus, you will not have to kill your time doing some boring errands. Get on with playing slot games now!

Do You Know the Origins and Functioning of Online Slot Machines? Here’s All You Need to Know!

The online gaming world has become popular among the people of today’s century. People love spending hours on slot machines, as these machines hardly requires any specific skills or knowledge of any strategies.

No doubt, slot machines are very addictive and can keep an individual engaged for a long time.

The modern online slots have all the features of the offline slot machines and are very easy to operate.

The Evolution of Online Slots

Majority of the casino games have originated from the older customs and ancient rituals, but it is not the same with slot games.

Yes, the evolution of online slots is different. It is to be noted that these machines were developed many years after the ancient times for the purpose of keeping the girlfriends and wives busy.

So, while the men gambled, these machines kept the women engaged!

The origin of slot machines can be traced back to 1891, when it consisted of drums based on poker.

These drums were used to hold the images of 50 cards and were placed in bars in New York for the first time.

At that time, Sittman and Pitt Company used to create these machines and became so famous that every bar was seen with one.

Later, in 1895, it was Charles August Fey who invented first official three-reel slot machine. This type of machine was developed with cash payouts and was named as ‘Liberty Bell’.

Since it became famous among gamers, Fey invented some more with the collaboration of Mills Novelty Company.

A few years later, Mills developed another slot which was called ‘Operator Bell’.

Eventually, the online slot machines came into the picture in 1990s with hundreds and thousands of games for the players.

One such popular online slot is the Secrets of Horus that is a five-reel game with 20 pay lines. The game looks amazing with its Egyptian theme of pharaohs and makes the player win huge cash through free spins and wild symbols.

The Working of Online Slot Machines

A typical slot machine has three-reels that tend to spin after the lever is pulled. Each of the three reels has 20 symbols that form a particular pattern once the reel stops spinning.

This pattern determines the amount of cash won by the player. For instance, all three same symbols awards gamers with a huge jackpot.

Many online slot games are completely computerised and the pattern is controlled by the computer chip.

The payout percentage in these machines is generated through Random Number Generator (RNG) and is pre-programmed.

The RNG is tailored in a way in which it can form a billion of combinations in seconds. It makes the machine function properly and is mathematically precise.

Straight slots and progressive slots have been invented with the help of this RNG system only.

No doubt, online games have become a heartthrob and captivate the attention of players more than anything else. Once you have signed up at a trusted gaming website, you can spend days in playing these amazing casino games.

Here’s the Scoop on Online Slot Games that You Never Knew!

A few things that everyone does know about online slot games is that they are very easy to play and a great deal of fun.

In fact, these games are a great way to relax without spending a whole lot of money since they can be played absolutely free or even with very small sums of money.

What’s more is that, these games do result in small winnings at a pleasantly regular pace. Even so, there are a few things about these games that most people are not aware of.

#1-Software Programs

Slot games make use of software programs to determine the sequence of numbers that will appear on the screen.

The biggest companies in the business are very particular about maintaining the quality of their products and they do not compromise on the software used.

As a result, there is absolutely no chance for the casino to rig the games in order to deny players their winnings.

If you want to enjoy slot games properly, then you need to look for a casino that uses high quality games that have the right software.

#2-High Wager to Win Ratio

Slot games have a very high wager to win ratio when compared to most other games. This means that you can, in theory, win a fairly large amount of money by wagering a very small sum.

No other online game allows you to do this.

#3-House Edge

The house edge offered on online slots is actually quite small when compared to many other casino games.

This means that you actually have a better chance of winning at slot games than you do at any other casino games.

#3-Bonus Rounds

Many slot games offer bonus rounds irrespective of how much money is wagered.

If you were to play the immensely popular Secrets of Horus slot game by Net Entertainment, you may get free spins and wild symbol during the game even if you haven’t wagered a lot of money on the game.

Of course, your wins would be that much smaller if you play with the minimum amount, but you can actually play for longer this way and have the chance of getting more wins.

#4-Understand the Terms & Conditions

If you win money on your free spins or when you are using bonus money, you may not be able to take your money out immediately.

All casinos expect you to wager the same amount more than once; the exact number of times varies according to the casino.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the casino or the particular slot game before you actually start playing or else you may be stuck in a situation that you do not like very much, such as having to wager the amount 10 to 15 times before you can withdraw anything that is left of it.

As you can see, slots are casino games that have a fair amount of depth to them even though they are extremely easy to play.

You are sure to have a great time playing them as long as you choose the right casino and slot game to play.

Do You Know Why Online Casinos Offer Free Slot Games? Do You Want to Find Out? Read On…

If you play online slots very frequently, then you would’ve definitely done research to choose a site that gives you free offers.

It no doubt sounds really great to be able to play for free, but you’ve probably wondered why casinos even agree to allow you to play free of cost.

In fact, you probably think that it sounds too good to be true. After all, casinos are in the business of making money, aren’t they?

Casinos are no doubt here to make money, which they do in large quantities, but they are quite happy to let people play slot online games for free.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why they let bettors play slots for free.

#1-Online Casinos are Smart

Online casinos are smart, in that, they know that people would like to try out games for free before they actually spend any money to play them.

When people play for free, they can be assured about the quality of the casino and the ease with which the site can be used.

Once money has been paid and the person realises that the casino is not a good one, then the money will just be wasted because the person will have to continue playing until it is exhausted. Plus, it creates a bad impression about that particular online casino.

#2-Try a Number of Casino Games for Free

In addition, this is a great way to try out a variety of casino games to see which ones are the easiest and best to play.

There are many different slot games available to choose from and each of them has a different theme.

These games are a lot more fun if you choose the one that seems the most fun and suitable to you.

#3-A Great Way to Practice Slot Games

People like to practice slot games so that when they eventually play with money they have a good chance of winning money.

Some games offer bonus features such as wild symbols and free spins.

Take the Secrets of Horus slot game, for instance. This game, which is themed around ancient Egypt, offers doubled wins with wild symbols and tripled wins with free spins.

If you play a game like the Secrets of Horus slot without really understanding what the game is about, you may not have a very good time.

As you can see, casinos have many good reasons to permit guests to play absolutely free of cost.

However, this is one place where both parties stand to benefit from the offer. Therefore, if you come across a casino that allows you to play slots for free, do not hesitate to take it up for the reasons mentioned above.

There is a persistent rumour that casinos rig slot games to offer big wins only when they are played for free and that the wins become smaller when the person plays for money.

There is absolutely no substance to this accusation since the win symbols are determined by the casino’s software.

The win and payout percentages remain the same for both kinds of any particular slot game.

One thing that you do have to keep in mind is that you can’t win any money when you play for free, obviously!

This can get really frustrating when you win a jackpot. The only way to deal with the issue is obviously to play with real money!

Valuable Tips to Enhance Your Online Slot Playing Experience!

When sanity prevails, no one would stake money beyond ones means on wagering. Therefore, the foremost tip for players playing online slots is to maintain sanity, thereby, safeguarding their hard earned money.

It is also recommended that a player determines beforehand, the sum-the upper limit that they wish to wager and not go beyond that.

Precious Money, Precious Time


Probably the biggest handicap a player faces in online games is the endless hours of betting. To put a stop to this, players need to resolve at first, the time frame they want to spend on The Secrets of Horus Slot, on that particular day.

Limited time on the betting would certainly, save a player from losing his fortune in betting. To successfully adhere to this commitment, a player should thoroughly read the terms of betting in the online casino.

If a player sets out to play without knowing about the pros and cons of offers like bonuses, they will be forced to extend their betting session, in order to be eligible for the winnings.

Alluring Bonuses

Online players need to get conversant with everything regarding bonuses in order to relish the benefits of the bonus.

Online casinos do not allow players to play all games using the bonus money. So, if a player does not know which games they are eligible to play with the bonus money, they may end up disappointed.

Even the cashout requirements are set by online casinos for players using the bonus money. Thus, if a player wishes to walk out before the stipulated game, playing with bonus money, they really cannot do so, without forfeiting the money earned.

Signing Out on Your Terms

Players need to know about the cashout icons and how to use them to sign out successfully. Intelligent players are often known to cashout a part of the money earned from time to time.

This ensures that they are minimising their losses, which may be around the corner. If money is not cleared out this way, possibility of a player being tempted to the lure of betting high stakes is inevitable.

For the Love of Free Slot Games

With every online casino offering free slot game, new players can hugely benefit if they prefer to use this option, than depositing their money hastily.

New players need to clearly understand terminologies in use, particularly when it comes to participating in free games and tournaments.

Players need to learn about betting on different pay lines as also in different slot games. This is akin to not keeping all the eggs in one basket!

The Truth Be Told…

Whatever practice and strategy sessions have been undertaken, a player needs to be practical to realise that not many skills or strategies are involved in a game of chance.

All the mentioned strategies and expertise earned in long hours of practice perhaps may help the player minimise their losses, that’s all!

So, the right approach to the game of online slot is to resign to the fact that part of your money deposited will be lost. This way a player minimises loses and is also prevented from feeling dissolution.

If you’re planning to play The Secrets of Horus slot, these tips may be helpful. Use them to play the slot and cloud your judgement!

Stay with the Trend of Mobile Gaming and Play The Secrets of Horus Slot!

Considering that anything which is novel captures the imagination of all and sundry, it is hardly surprising to note the newest fancy of the public-mobile gaming.

If a survey is undertaken today to find out the various uses and applications of a mobile phone, statistics may reveal that the greater percentage of use of a mobile is for recreational activities like gaming.

The Game Psychology

On the gaming front too, there always has been an evolution in form, quality and size to meet the growing demands of the players.

As boredom sets in if something is repetitive, the last thing someone who is looking for amusement would wish to do is play something monotonously.

Thus a slot game, which at first emerged as a one-armed bandit, has over times gained in finesse and sophistication.

When video slots were introduced around the year 2000AD, they were hailed as the ultimate in entertainment. After a decade of superlative success and performance, even before the excitement of video slots has waned, an additional platform has been now laid out for the slots.

A Win-Win Scenario!

At a time, when mobile phone has been making rapid strides in evolving as an indispensable commodity in a person’s life, it is per se the right juncture for games like slots to find a new niche.

Sensing this prospect, game developers have been working overtime now, in developing several enchanting apps specifically targeting the mobile platform.

Luckily for them, mobile manufacturers have been lending a helpful hand too by launching the next generation handsets, which are feature-filled to support the entertaining digital games.

An Explosion of New Set of Users

Software companies see it has a golden opportunity not only to diversify to a new platform, but also spot a chance to bring-in a new segment of players in to the gaming fold.

Younger players are particularly targeted to try out the fascinating online games including the slots. If the initial response and feedback are any indicators, the designs of the game developing companies’ look all set to succeed.

Incidentally, not just the youngsters, but even the senior citizens seem to have fallen in love with the online games on mobile platform.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Users are now able to easily download their favourite games like The Secrets of Horus slot on their mobile and start playing instantaneously from anywhere and anytime ceaselessly.

Touch screen mobiles, which are flaunted by the majority of people now, further make it enjoyable for players to get a feel of setting the reels of a slot in motion.

With software now made specifically for the mobile platforms, mobile users are made to feel privileged and special.

The Next Generation of Games

Undoubtedly, mobile gaming has come as a right impetus at the right time for game developers. The force with which mobile games have been drawing all sections of the people has been extraordinary and has given the gaming industry a new lease of life and food for thought for expansion.

Finest Locations to Experience the Thrill of The Secrets of Horus Slot

The Secrets of Horus slot has won the hearts of tons of gamers across the globe. Certainly, the popularity of the slot is due to its thrilling sound effects, fantastic graphics and well-designed symbols. Autoplay and skill stop features make this slot one of its kinds while the Free Spin Bonus round steals the entire attention.

Online Casinos to Enjoy The Secrets of Horus Slot

While looking for online casinos to play this slot, you will come across hundreds of options. However, you need to pick and choose the one that offers an attractive welcome bonus, jackpot and high number of free spins.

Mentioned below are some online casinos that have set a benchmark with their outstanding welcome bonuses and slot offers. Let’s take a look at four of these fine places where you can easily play the slot and have some fun.


To play The Secrets of Horus, you can visit CasinoLuck that offers attractive schemes and bonuses. The casino has come up with an offer in May where it offers €/£/$8 on registering the first account.

It also offers around 100 free spins and 100% bonus up to €/£/$150. In fact, it doubles the amount of the first deposit that means, you can have twice the fun in your much-loved game.

Furthermore, the casino also renders you an opportunity to win a voyage to Dubai worth €6,000. For this, all you need to do is win the tickets in the lucky draw. CasinoLuck may just turn out to the lucky option for you!

#2-Next Casino

Simply by registering your first account with this casino, you can earn €/£/$8! The players can also enjoy additional 100 free spins and 100% bonus up to €/£/$200.

The unique feature of Next Casino is that after the registration, you automatically become a part of the casino’s Cash Rewards program. This simply means that you can enjoy any game with real money and earn Frequent Player Points.

These points can later be exchanged for cash. Thus, higher the points, higher will be the amount of cash earned.


Get welcome bonus of 150% at Europe’s popular internet casino, CasinoEuro. The one thing that makes this casino entirely different from others is that players can conveniently chat with the gorgeous dealers while playing the game like in a real casino.

It is all about fun, thrill and luxury! It is the time for you to sink your teeth in cash and claim your €300 welcome package without any further delay. This deal may not last longer so, hurry up!

#4-Betsafe Casino

This is another option for you to play The Secrets of Horus slot. You can get 100% welcome bonus of up to £200 and around 50 free spins with Mega Fortune Dreams.

The current jackpot of this casino is £9.4 million and it is still counting. The casino also gives a chance to play ‘GLOW Tournaments’ and earn a trip to witness the Northern Lights. You can get the entire details of the offer by visiting the site of this casino.

Thus, with so many options of such great casinos, don’t waste any more time in thinking. Enter into the Egyptian world with The Secrets of Horus slot and walk away with some massive rewards that no other slot may be able to offer.

The Highs and Lows of The Secrets of Horus Slot

The Secrets of Horus has emerged as another thrilling video slot for the casino game lovers. This 20 pay line slot has Horus as the wild symbol and Scarab as the scatter symbol. The gamers can play this game absolutely free or with money on the multiple casino sites that are powered by Net Entertainment.

Highs and LowsThe maximum coins that you can wager per line are four, while the minimum coin size is 0.02.

Although this video slot is incredible, gamers have a mixed feedback. Some players love it over any other slot, while some do not find it as interesting as it claims.

This article discusses some reviews of the top players who have tried their hands on The Secret of Horus slot.

Positive Reviews of The Secrets of Horus Slot

  • According to some great players, The Secrets of Horus is an addictive slot due to its Egyptian theme with pharaohs and all. They like the double tap feature of the game, which can be selected as many times as they want. Another plus point of the game is that the free spins can be re-triggered and gamers have the ability to get 15 free spins with 3x on the bet of only €1.
  • In the words of another fan all the way from Hungary, this video slot is a great adaptation of the Egyptian theme and Net entertainment has designed it with implausible visual quality. The crystal clear graphics and well created symbols make it really addictive. He likes all the symbolic figures of the slot like Eye of Horus and Hieroglyph. He appreciates the way in which top and bottom reels of the game are decorated, making it a visual delight!
  • One of the players who played the game at Redbet casino for only about five minutes explains that the sound effects add thrill to the game. The symbols of Vultures, Sphinx, Palm Leaves, Ring Jar and Stone Blades are very captivating. He played the game for only 80 cents, yet enjoyed the small wins and some more fractional wins.

Negative Feedback of The Secrets of Horus Slot

While the negative feedback is not very extensive, there are players who feel this slot can do with a bit of improvement. Here’s what the players had to say about The Secrets of Horus slot.

  • Another player all the way from India commented that The Secrets of Horus is a nice slot, but takes a little time to start giving returns on the game. He remarks that the slot does not possess any bonus game and he did not witness any good wins in the main game. He usually bets at 0.40, but the game kept on thrusting on the balance and the player has to compromise on the graphics of the slot too.
  • A player from Belarus mentions that The Secret of Horus hardly has anything to be liked. He does not like the theme of the slots and the symbols that appear. The player thinks the sounds are terrible, characters are somewhat similar to each other and graphics are not at all appealing. The best win of the player in this video slot is not even worth mentioning. According to him, it is only a low medium variance game by Net Entertainment with no bonus games.

Well, different players will have different reviews and ways of looking at The Secrets of Horus slot. However, the correct feedback will be the one that you can come up with after trying this game out. So, sign up today and play this massive Egyptian themed-slot that has some great positive points!

Reliving the Days of Pharaohs with The Secrets of Horus Slot and Its Special Features!

The Secrets of Horus is one of the popular slots designed by Net Entertainment. It is a five reel game with 20 pay lines and you can wager a maximum of four coins per line. Effectively, it means you’ll have five reels to make the best winning combinations and earn great rewards.

Special Features

Those who have always wished to visit Egypt and live the days of Pharaohs must get a hold of this amazing video slot and play it to experience its sheer brilliance.

The game can be played for free as well as with real money. The incredible scatter symbols, wild symbols, Free Spin Bonus round and other multipliers make this slot even more enthralling. What’s more is that in the Free Spin Bonus round, you stand a chance to win up to an incredible €71,676!

With so many odds in the players’ favour, it makes sense to play this slot and have some fun along the way!

The exciting Features of The Secrets of Horus Slot

  • The gamers get a payout according to the pay table
  • Wins that are coinciding on various pay lines are also added
  • The entire set of symbols pay in consecutive order from left to right
  • Bonus and scatter game wins are always added to the wins of pay lines
  • Scatter awards are added to the pay line, as they are independent from the other pay line awards
  • Horus, the wild symbol substitutes all the icons on the slot except the Scarab, which is the scatter symbol.
  • In Playing for Fun mode, few features might not be accessible
  • The Scarab symbol is not required to appear on the pay line to award the gamer any wins

The Wild Multiplier Symbols

Horus is the wild symbol in The Secrets of Horus video slot. This wild multiplier symbol can substitute every icon in order to complete the winning combinations for the gamer. The most significant feature of Horus wild symbol is that it can pay out any winning combination at the time of substituting other symbols.

If you have won the payout through the Horus symbol, then the value will not be doubled. To activate the Free Spin Bonus round, this wild symbol never substitutes the Scarab symbol. In case, you have created more than one winning combination on a pay line, then you are awarded for the highest combination.

Scarab-The Scatter Symbol

Scarab symbol is the scatter symbol in this video slot. It means it is not required to appear on a pay line to make a player win. This scatter symbol can be scattered anywhere on the game to complete the winning combinations.

In accordance with the ‘Regular Payout Schedule’, the combination payout of Scarab symbol is multiplied with the total coins bet to calculate the winnings in the The Secrets of Horus slot.

The Free Spin Bonus Round

When three or more scatter symbols scatter appearing anywhere on the five reels occurs, the Free Spin Bonus round game is activated.

In this round, the players are awarded with 15 free spins. All the winning combinations that you’re able to form during this round are tripled.

Furthermore, the entire pay line selectors and control buttons get disabled. But when this round is completed, all the free spins wins are added to the grand total.

The gamers can expect to have infinite number of free spins in Free Spin Bonus round. So, if scatter symbols appear when this round is on, you can expect to get additional free spins.

You need to play this Egyptian-themed video slot at least once to experience the days of the Pharaohs!